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D.Q. Clarke

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Set in small-town Georgia, Georgia Overdrive tells the story of Joe Brown, a trucker whose life turns upside-down one night after coming home from a trucking job. The six-year-old nephew he loves like a son is abused so badly by his good-for-nothing father that now little Jackson is fighting for his life. And it’s not looking good. But could this be a divine appointment in disguise? Tough-guy, kind-hearted, stubborn-like-an-ox Joe has run from God since he was 10. After a series of heart-wrenching events, he gave up on God. But God did not give up on him. Joe finds himself in a struggle to save his family, in a fight with a past that finally catches up to him, and in a battle with the one who not only loves him but holds the key to a future better than Joe can imagine. 

More information to come.

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Each month, DQ offers a new free resource to help you on your faith journey. This month's resource is her Daniel Fast Plan, which includes recipes, a food list, and a sample weekly meal schedule. Click below to get your free plan.

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